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ZeroTouch non-contact metrology platform

ZeroTouch® ZTM-333

A high-speed, non-contact metrology platform that inspects parts faster than a traditional CMM.

AMP 3100

AMP 3100

Automated, high-speed metrology system ideal for 100% high-volume precision inspection of small parts.

Medical package seal inspection

Defect Detection

High-speed, automated inspection systems that identify micron-level defects and surface flaws across materials.

Complex Medical Device Manufacturing Using Advanced Automation Techniques

Next generation medical devices continue down the path of increased complexity and miniaturization. This creates manufacturing challenges, especially when it comes to automation. In many cases, medical device components and finished assemblies have tolerance ranges of ± 25-100 microns. Achieving these challenging specifications requires not only the use of traditional precision manufacturing techniques but also advanced inspection technologies throughout the entire manufacturing process, from raw material to the finished assembled device.
Factory automation with advanced robotics with monitoring systems.


From high-speed metrology and inspection to process automation and material handling, we create brilliant precision manufacturing solutions.


Whether you need an automated, high-speed assembly or inspection solution, or a contract manufacturing partner, we’ve got you covered.

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Explore our expanding product line of industry-leading, high-speed, non-contact metrology and precision inspection solutions.

Precision Vision Inspection

A consumer product manufacturer needed a high-accuracy, automated vision system to perform 100% inspection of structural adhesive patterns and die placement on a production line.

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